So the rumors are true....

“Curiosity” was originally scheduled to serve as the official follow-up to “Call Me Maybe”, but it was scrapped in favor of the Owl City collaboration, “Good Time”, and then the flaw-free “This Kiss”.Considering that the version used in the music video is the far superior EP cut, it’s safe to say that the clip was probably filmed months ago, before plans changed, and that it isn’t the scheduled next single from Carly’s Kiss album that nobody bought. It’s also safe to say that the music video was deemed too sexy and edgy for Carly’s girl next door image, and that her label likely shelved it in favor of something brighter and bubblier. I mean, seriously, homegirl is dressed in lingerie and straddling some fine black brother before later catching him in bed with another woman. Or is Carly Rae supposed to be the other woman? With songs like “This Kiss” and “I Know You Have a Girlfriend”, it wouldn’t surprise me.

All I know is that “Curiosity” would’ve smashed if released after “Good Time”, and that it never EVER should have been remixed for the Kiss album. At least now we can see what could’ve been, and what Carly Rae Jepsen looks like when she misbehaves.