'Suits' spoilers: Guest stars and a promo video to tease the winter episodes


The second half of "Suits" Season 2 will not begin until January 17, but that doesn't mean fans have to wait that long for spoilers or promo videos to arrive.

.The Ladies

At least two women will be gracing the law offices of Pearson Hardman this winter. The first of the women is Dana Scott (Abigail Spencer), aka Scottie, aka Harvey's (Gabriel Macht) sometimes lover/sometimes rival. Spencer tweeted a photo of herself on the set of "Suits" to prove that she would indeed reprise the role in Season 2.


There are not yet any specifics on when Scottie will return to the show, but a new woman -- Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) -- is set to arrive on January 31. Bennett, a stubborn and ambitious attorney, will appear in episodes 13 and 15 of "Suits" Season 2.


+ ofc Gabriel Macht (this is an excuse to use this gif. you're welcome)

The Promo

If you want to see what the next few episodes of "Suits" might look like, the newest promo video for the show may hold some clues. It's hard to say for sure what is new footage and what comes from episodes that aired this summer. But either way, we are looking at snappy dialogue and a lot of people looking stressed in that law office.

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