Dan Rad Round-Up

There's less than two weeks to go until A Young Doctor's Notebook airs on Sky Arts, and a few snippets are starting to be released. Under the cut are three different promos, courtesy of me, my TIVO, and my DVD recorder:

BBC2's The Review Show discussed A Young Doctor's Notebook on last night's episode, and broadcast several new clips from the series:

General consensus seems to be that it's good, though the Bulgakov stan doesn't care for it because of reasons.

Dan will be appearing on the 7th December episode of The Graham Norton Show to promote A Young Doctor's Notebook.

On the Horns front, filming was scheduled to finish this week. Dan will be hanging around long enough to make an appearance at the Whistler Film Festival on 30th November to talk about his career and upcoming films Horns, Kill Your Darlings and The F Word.

He recently spoke to ET Canada on the set of Horns. The broadcast version let us have a sneak preview of his American accent. The video doesn't want to embed, so watch it here.

An uncut version was made available on their website:

Dan goes into more detail about the film, and says that Wallace in The F Word is the character most like him.

Dan also guest-voiced an episode of Robot Chicken, Hemlock Gin and Juice, playing mullet boy and Thomas the Tank Engine.