Tom Daley & Team GB Dance for Children in Need 2012

“I’m going to get so much abuse on Twitter for this - you have no idea!” Tom Daley says nervously while watching the playback of his contribution to Children in Need. The charity’s producers have a knack for persuading celebrities to humiliate themselves in the name of a good cause, but Daley only has himself to blame. A music video he and his fellow divers shot to Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO on a beach in Australia inspired this year’s stunt.

Olympians and Paralympians have been persuaded to gyrate to Basement Jaxx’s Do Your Thing, with Zara Phillips and her three-day-event team-mates dancing Gangnam Style - they keep their clothes on - and Olympic gymnasts backflipping, much to the envy of an onlooking street dancer.

The most unusual moves of the day belong to Daley, however. “As you can see,” he says, smiling modestly while displaying his perfect six-pack in his tiny swimming trunks, “I’m not a great dancer but I love making a fool of myself. My signature move is the ‘Daley ghetto slut drop’, which I must have picked up somewhere but have really made my own.”

EDIT: Added the BTS Vid. Tom's stripfail is at 1:23

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