Harry Styles of 1D Performing with White Eskimo at a Wedding!

If Harry Styles strutting his stuff on stage with One Direction is enough to make you feel a bit weak around the ovary department, you may want to secure yourself in a seat as this vintage video of him having a bit of a sing with White Eskimo at a wedding is pretty hot stuff.

We are aware that this is not a new video (I never saw it), but we really can't resist the power of a slightly younger Harry showing off his vocal stylings, especially as he's singing Valerie. That's Valerie by the Zutons and not originally Amy Winehouse, just FYI.

Although we are mildly disappointed he didn't dress up in a pouffy white frock for the occasion, it's nice to see that the hip thrusting seems to have been a move he's been slowly working on for a while.

Blimey that's some intense willy touching. Let's hope he's learnt to go for a wee before he goes on stage by now.

Additional videos from the wedding:

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He is such a natural rock star.