Celebrity Art - Tila Tequila Edition

Tila Tequila has been busy these last few months exposing the Illuminati and touring both Germany and Canada. But did you know the self-proclaimed Graphic Designer, Poet, Author, Web Designer, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter, blogger, philosopher, Commander in Chief of the Tila Army, musician, Activist, Political Rebel, and most importantly, a genuinely hard working and loving person who cares not about herself, but more so about THE PEOPLE, is also a painter?

Tila Tequila has posted some of her paintings to her Facebook page for the world to see ... or purchase!

If you are interested in having a one of a kind portrait of yourself painted by me or any picture you want... please go ahead and email MissTilaWeb@gmail.com I must warn u tho... This is just my side hobby and I never imagined that people would love my art so much... that being said, each piece is very valuable as I will have to MANUALLY paint you a one of a kind portrait that no one else in the world has. SOOOOO I need to be picky with the ones I choose to help. That is all... Love ou still.... I mean... if you wana email me now I can actually start on your painting ASAP and you'll get it by this weekk! COOOOOOOL!

I'm gonna paint a HUUUUUUUUUUGE naked one of myself.... cuz it's ART afterall! :)Gotta do that now actually ahahaa

My plan is to one day have an Art Gallery of my own, and EVERYTHING sold. ALL THE MONEY WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY! 100% of it! That is my dream! I hope it will come true.... with your help and support, I'm sure we can make it happen! Using my art for good and helping others. This is my dream! :)

Since I read all of your comments, I have decided to take your request and record a video of myself painting. Sooooo I'm gonna upload it in a bit. See how much I love you? :)

At the height of her art career, Tila Tequila was accused of stealing art from a fan!

Tila Tequila's art generated such a buzz among her fans, she donated paintings to charity!


As quickly as she began her art career, Tila Tequila ended it. Tila Tequila took back the art she donated to charity because of something to do with haters and ex-rapists, hunny.

Before taking up painting, Tila Tequila learned every single language!

I'm learning how to speak every language in the world as well as reading and writing them too! All for my TILA ARMY WORLD WIDE!

chunks, my baby