Celebrity Art - Tila Tequila Edition

Tila Tequila has been busy these last few months exposing the Illuminati and touring both Germany and Canada. But did you know the self-proclaimed Graphic Designer, Poet, Author, Web Designer, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter, blogger, philosopher, Commander in Chief of the Tila Army, musician, Activist, Political Rebel, and most importantly, a genuinely hard working and loving person who cares not about herself, but more so about THE PEOPLE, is also a painter?

Tila Tequila has posted some of her paintings to her Facebook page for the world to see ... or purchase!

If you are interested in having a one of a kind portrait of yourself painted by me or any picture you want... please go ahead and email MissTilaWeb@gmail.com I must warn u tho... This is just my side hobby and I never imagined that people would love my art so much... that being said, each piece is very valuable as I will have to MANUALLY paint you a one of a kind portrait that no one else in the world has. SOOOOO I need to be picky with the ones I choose to help. That is all... Love ou still.... I mean... if you wana email me now I can actually start on your painting ASAP and you'll get it by this weekk! COOOOOOOL!

So I decided to spend another $800 on more art supplies because tonight, I am going to paint something to dedicate to the TILA ARMY! ♥Collapse )

chunks, my baby