Arin Ray's family accuses Britney Spears of sabotaging him

"britney doesn't know wht she's doing"

Arin Ray's godmother Sedatrius Davis is accusing mentor Britney Spears of sabotaging the 17 year old singer in the Teens category.

Student Arin hails from Cincinnati, and was put through to the live X Factor shows last year by Paula Abdul in the manufacured group "InTENsity". He is now in the live shows again as a solo artist.

You might remember him as the outspoken 15-year-old who called out the songs chosen for InTENsity as “cheesy” and expressed his fear of being in the group, saying, “I just don’t want to be labeled as Disney kids.”

However, it's now his family's turn to defend the singer's rendition of Enrique's "Hero" tonight - which he dedicated to his brother.

Source S2 S3