Listen: Hip Hop Welcomes First Ever Animal Collaboration KeKe The Cat and Lil B

Just when you thought that the international hip hop scene was beginning to grow a little stale, we welcome in the first collaborative track between an established artist, Lil B, and his pet cat.

The track, which has the obvious title of KeKe The Adopted Tabby Cat MAKES HISTORY! FIRST ANIMAL IN HIP HOP! FEAT LIL B !!! has a very special adopted kitty called KeKe performing with her owner, rapper Lil B. Throughout the track, you can very easily hear KeKe purring and Lil B meowing at his furry friend.

Hip hop is probably the right place for a cat as it will take a fair few rival shootings to actually kill it, what, with 9 lives and all. It would also be impossible for KeKe to ever make a bad album as cats will always land on their feet. It’s Purrfect!

Thanks to Pitchfork, we have the track’s description from YouTube, which is very, very informative:

track description + songCollapse )