"Sweetie, nooo.  I'm more of a stuffing man" - Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper apparently forgot to put on his big boy pants when he invited Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb onto his soon-to-be defunct show.

The Today show’s resident drunk sorority girls filmed this segment before Cooper deployed to Gaza, and the lush ladies gave him a proper send-off. Four sips of wine later and Andy was slurring like Lindsay Lohan on a Tuesday morning.

But don’t blame KLG. Calling Cooper a “cheap date,” Kathie Lee defended herself, saying, “He’s a grown man. He makes his own choices.”

Hoda concurred, noting that “there was wine on his table and he drank it” all by himself.

Those buxom boozers may be held slightly culpable, however. Just being around Kathie Lee and Hoda is enough for anyone to get a second-hand buzz , meaning poor Andy didn’t even stand a chance.


Where is the petition to save this show :{