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SJP says she can't relate to being "a style icon"; refuses to admit she is one

Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw have come to define the style of a generation of women.

SATC fans fell in love with New Yorker Carrie's brilliantly bonkers wardrobe, and off-screen the diminutive star is almost as creative with her looks.
She's often photographed looking hot in haute couture or working a fabulous red carpet dress months before anyone else can even think about buying it, and she's loved for the risks she takes with her wardrobe.
But SJP says she's no style icon.

Shrugging off the label of fashion guru the actress told Vogue:‘ It's not how I think of myself and think it's probably the healthier approach.’
She went on to add, rather philosophically: ‘It's not an identity that I connect to. I'm grateful if anyone says anything kind, and if they say something less kind, I take that as a part of anyone talking about you at all.’

Despite this confession the mother-of-three, who has graced the cover of Vogue and is top of most fashion house's best-dressed lists, says her love of fashion remains as strong as ever.
Admitting that red carpet glamour will always be something she enjoys, Sarah says that her three children James, 10, and three-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion mean that high glamour is no longer part of her everyday life.

‘I love beautiful things and I'm privileged to borrow a beautiful dress. I feel really lucky and genuinely enjoy it. I feel like fashion has a proper place in my life. It's just not a reality everyday.’


ONTD: what were your favourite SATC episodes and carrie outfits??
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