Josh Hutcherson Suits Up & Looks Good

Alright ladies, and gentleman, I’ll give you all a moment to ogle at the hottness that is Josh Hutcherson in a suit.

Done? Good. The Hunger Games star looked extremely handsome and chic in New York City today as he made his way to the Late Show With David Letterman. Josh is currently in press mode for his latest flick Red Dawn, which stars fellow uber hottie Chris Hemsworth.

Personally, I can’t wait till Josh gets to back being a brunette again. I mean, the whole blonde this is great, but he looks way more…manly, I guess is the right word, with brown hair. So when do we get to see more of Josh in his Hunger Games garb?

Their set has been a fairly quiet one. There aren’t even any good stories. Oh wait, Jennifer Lawrence rear ended someone cause of Honey Boo Boo. Now that’s a good story. Hopefully Josh will have some good ones too.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Josh in his snazzy suit. I’ve made a decision: attractive men should only wear suits or be shirtless. Can we all agree on this decision?


YASSS he looks so good. I like his hair like this. Josh is on the Late Show With David Letterman TONIGHT!