Nic Cage Acting His Way Out of Tax Debt!

Nicolas Cage continues to chip away at his massive tax debt ... one sequel / three-quel at a time ... 'cause the actor paid off another tax lien, to the tune of $600k!!!

TMZ broke the story ... Cage was hit with a federal tax lien back in 2011 ... for $624,934.64. Seems he forgot to pay taxes on some really expenses gifts he gave out between 2004-2009.

According to the IRS all that's behind him now ... Cage is now paid in full, making him a super-duper-tax-lien-payer-offer ... considering last April he paid off another lien for $6 million. But Nick isn't out of the woods ... he still owes roughly $6 mil to Uncle Sam, but every little bit helps.

Apparently those new (old) roles  ... i.e. "Kick-Ass 2", "Ghost Rider 2", "National Treasure 3" and now "Ghost Rider 3" are really paying off.

We're kidding ... "Ghost Rider 3" isn't real. Yet.

whats ur fav nicage movie? mine: faceoff & snake eyes