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'Catfish' Co-Creators Open Up About 'Wig Culture

Monday night on "Catfish: The TV Show," MTV viewers met Trina the Natural. The exotic dancer from Silver Spring, Maryland, fell in love with Scorpio (also an exotic dancer) via MySpace, but because of his busy schedule, the two never had the chance to meet in person.

With the help of the show's creators, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, the pair were given an in-person intro (spoiler alert!) which left Trina heartbroken. The 27-year-old with the rock hard bod she had fallen for online turned out to be a 32-year-old, father of four, with a much pudgier physique.

While Trina was fooled by the man of her digital dreams, it turns out she was doing some fooling as well. One thing you didn't see during the episode was Nev and Max's confusion over Trina's constantly changing hair.

"Wig culture is not something that we grew up with," Nev admitted to MTV News. "I'll never forget Max saying to me one morning, 'Oh my God, like, Trina's hair, it's amazing, yesterday it looked like this and today it looked like this and how does she do it? She must spend so much time on her hair.'"

Turns out Trina the Natural wasn't 100 authentic from head-to-toe. "Trina has a number of wigs that she uses, and everyday her hairstyle, sometimes hair color, would just change," Max explained.

Although Trina was hesitant at first, after some coaxing from the guys she finally revealed her real 'do.

"Finally on the very last day, right when we were leaving she had gone into her apartment and came out with her natural hair," Max said. "She's got such a, kind of, natural spirit and pure energy to her. It was really. She's really an amazing person and then to see her totally natural, with her natural hair was beautiful. We were kind of shocked to watch her wear so many wigs because, her hair. She really had amazing hair."