The first time I've ever bought a TV GUIDE. Hotness Adam Levine.


Highlights of the interview

by Shawna Malcom

"Adam's gone from strength to strength...he's a very focused guy, and he deserves everything that's coming his way"- The Voice executive producer Mark Burnett

"The show is Adam at his most nurturing.... he has a lot of wisdom to impart to these singers, and he does it in a sincere way where you can really feel he's looking out for them." - Maroon 5 lead guitarist James Valentine

Levine offers a simpler secret for his success. "I'm not a total idiot. And I definitely have a lot to say."

TV GUIDE: So how's it going with Shakira and Usher?
AL: ... Christina and CeeLo are so close to my heart because we went through the show becoming a success together, and Usher and Shakira are coming into it as a big frickin; institution. So it's different, but it still feels good, because they're legitimate artists.

TV GUIDE: Did you know either of them before The Voice?
AL: I knew Usher. We've worked in the studio a couple times together. Shakira is a new friend, but I love her dearly already. She's so sweet and adorable and hilarious.

TV GUIDE: Might you and Blake Finally get to sit next to each other in Season 4?
AL: Trust me, we need to be separated. If Blake and I sat next to each other, we'd never get anything done. We already yap at each other across the room like we're yelling across the dinner table.

TV GUIDE: On the surface, you guys wouldn't seem to have much in common, yet you've become good friends. Any new experiences he's turned you on to?
AL: Hunting. He mad me shoot a duck. He was like ..."Come on, you sissy!" But I made sure to miss.

TV GUIDE: Did you ever dream you'd become a reality-TV star?
AL: I'm not a reality-TV star. The Voice isn't a show about me going shipping or complaining about stupid fucking mundane shit that no one should ever complain about. "Poor rich me and my caviar problems." That drives me crazy. I hate it! There's a purpose to this show.

TVGUIDE: You date Keira Knightley in your new movie. Rough gig?
AL: Not at all. I swiftly screw her over and then it's a tumultuous relationship. And we're musicians. So a big stretch? No, but Keira's amazing.

TVGUIDE: Since this is the Hot List issue tell us: What's on your personal Hot List?
AL: I'm so into Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Those are the best shows I've ever seen. Yoga- I d it everywhere I go. I think Mumford & Sons are one of the best bands I've heard over the past decade. I love that there are bands again. For awhile, it seemed like everybody was a solo artist.

TV GUIDE: Would you ever do a solo album?
AL: I don't have any desire. I put too much time, love and care into Maroon 5, and I don't think it would be very cool to abandon my comrades. Also, I've got enough of my own thing going on with the show, it makes going back to the band that much more special.


Source: Nov 19-Dec 2 TV Guide pp 16-18