Cole Sprouse Used Tumblr for an Experiment. Tumblr crazies are mad!


So late October, I made this epic post that chronicled Cole Sprouse having a tumblr. 

Turns out, he created it for a sociology class experiment. He deleted his tumblr page over the weekend and posted about it on his twitter. The tweets have been deleted since, but I have some screencaps courtesy of Tumblr.


This is all that is left from the debacle: 


The youtube link goes to "Careless Whisper" by George Michael 

Some of the comments are funny: 

The Cole Sprouse tag on Tumblr is golden right now.


Click for a better understanding

EDIT: I Pulled Some Posts from His Old Tumblr

The reveal of the "experiment" 

So my goal for this website was accomplished.  I got all the information that I needed and now I’m deleting this account.  Thanks to all who watched, read, and listened, I hope that in some small way my words carried weight. 

The next time you see or hear from me I will, most definitely, be a changed man. 

Before I go I’ll answer a question that people keep asking about my ring.  My ring is the skull of a chameleon.

The chameleon can see everything that happens around it.  Constantly aware of its environ, the small reptile changes color depending on the situation it enters.  Its very special form of adaptation is one I try to mimic, every time I enter a space I try to become aware of what I step into and change my color accordingly.  The way I move, feel, argue, and all the discourse of my life, changes in order to succeed within that space.  This adaptation to environmental and social pressure will allow me to succeed, much like Darwin had so brilliantly noted. You take a role and embrace it, but know that you arenever whole, and those who fall in love with you or otherwise fall for your performance, not you, for you is never constant. 

My life is lokinous, but there are many levels to deceit, and cheating is only frowned upon when you’re caught.  So goodbye and remember that the next time you see or hear from me I will, most definitely, be a changed man.

The POC Post

I'll answer you, for it seems you are still quite upset about me apparently “parading around for the justice of, and as a symbol of white-upper/middle class male power.”

Lets start with your statement:”POC can’t be racist against white people. They can be discriminatory  and prejudice, but not racist. That is because in our society racism is privilege + institutional power, and in our society POC as a whole do not have power over white people as a whole. The same way women as a whole do not have power over men as a whole.” 

Your definition is all too specific.  If a member of race A, class C kills a member of race B, class B, and justifies this because of differences in skin tone, is that not a racial killing?  One doesn’t need to be in the position of power to be racist.  Racism separates one “race” from another based on biological or culturally established normality.  Of course white men have the most power, I never said they didn’t, does that mean I’ll allow ethnocentric racism directed towards me? no. 

Now let’s move to your statement: “But it is completely justifiable for a POC to say “white people are inherently racist” because on a societal level, we ARE.” 

No….It really isn’t, turn to the teachings of MLK jr and I’m sure he’ll be in agreement. “because on a societal level, we ARE.” No, my gods no, we are not.  For that statement to prove false, all it takes is one example of someone in disagreement, good hypothesis there buddy.  

 Touching upon the first paragraph.

I understand the problem is that you’ve assumed I said “DONT REMEMBER THE PAST, BECAUSE WE LIVE IN THE NOW-AMIRITE?“  Which I didn’t say, easy enough?  One always has to remember the past, does that mean we ACCEPT the way things are now because of it? (No, my gods, no)  

I’m not going to try and argue for an upset group of people who have all made up their minds, but I will say this:  Racism has no prerequisites, It can come from everyone, in any position, and is DEFINITELY culturally determined.  There are many levels of racism, there is not one racism, and one alone. 

If you wish me to be the bad guy in this situation, fine, direct your wrath towards me and I shall absorb as much as I can. To call me racist however, after my own defense was launched as a means of dealing with ethnocentrism, is like placing a veil in front of a hanging and saying that you had watched the whole event. 

thank you, no more will be said from my side about this topic

Source:Cole Sprouse Twitter/TUMBLR/TUMBLR AGAIN