America never really got Lyric 145 on The X Factor 2012, and we have something to say about it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!! Cuz here’s the thing: Lyric Da Queen and One4Five are so awesome, it’s ridiculous. We are heartbroken and furious and generally up in arms, and not in a “waving them in the air because we just don’t care” sorta way. Here are five reasons it’s ludicrous these guys went home.

1. Lyric Da Queen and her eyepatch. She’s had to struggle through some hard stuff with her eye, and even though she was ashamed about wearing the patch at first, she’s totally made it the coolest accessory around. In fact, we want to add “eyepatch” to our list of ways to be cool and call it a day.

2. They are seriously sick rappers. If you don’t know, now you know, homie. Did you see them rap “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (yeah, we totally spelled that from memory)? That was ridiculous, and somehow they pulled it off. They could rap the alphabet and we’d be all “woah, we’ve never thought about letters like that.”

3. We wanted to see them duet with CeCe. Without the boys around, we’re not sure who CeCe Frey is going to take swag lessons from. And can you picture how amazing a duet between CeCe and Lyric 145 would be? We are DYING it would have been so good. (UMMM NO TO THIS IMO)

4. Simon now has to rest all his hope on a boy band and a girl group. No offense to Fifth Harmony and Emblem3, who are both lovely, but seriously? There is nothing as played out as a “girl group” and a “boy band.” Sure, Simon Cowell is the one to make it legit if anyone is, but it’s an uphill battle. (IA, lbr boy bands are so overplayed right now. I love 5h tho gg>>>>bb.)

5. We never saw the full potential of what they could do. We never really saw Lyric Da Queen rap solo or One4Five bring all the heat, and the only time they were close to showing us their stuff was when they spun Miley’s “Party in the USA.” They were supposed to perform a song with original lyrics on last night’s show, and it was scrapped for the mediocre Katy Perry-Queen mashup instead. We can’t help but think that the mistake that sent them home wasn’t theirs.  (SO MUCH TRUTH IN THIS STATEMENT. I HOPE THEY STICK TOGETHER AND POST WHATEVER SONG THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO SING ALSO I WANT DEETS AND REASONS WHY THEY COULDN'T USE THE SONG WITH ORIGINAL LYRICS.)

My 2 cents (since I couldn't join the discussion post) lyric 145 def deserved to stay, I felt bad because they had 1 bad performance and was cut, while there are contestants (paige ahem, cece ahem, vino ahem) who constantly do horrible and are still in. Also damn it who is voting for vino????? WHO??? Lastly I felt really bad for Demetria, I know she sucks as a mentor, but that was way harsh simon. It's okay tho jennel and demi can still live happily ever after.


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