Adam Lambert Makes Little Girl's Day In Johannesburg

Are you ready for possibly the cutest Adam Lambert post on the planet? Yes? Perfect.

Imagine you’re a little girl obsessed with Adam. Now imagine that you not only meet Adam, but you have him sign a photo for you, read a letter you wrote him and he gives you a hug. That’s exactly what happened for 7-year-old Erin Korcz when she got to meet Adam, her idol, in South Africa over the weekend.

Erin got passes to his press conference and when the reporters were asked if they had any questions, Erin made her way to the front and asked him to sign a picture she’d brought with “Dear Adam, I love you. Love, Erin” written on it. Adam then invited her on stage–what a gem.

She also gave him a letter, which was apparently adorable. When she finished Adam told her, “I like you too and you are cute.” To which Erin replied, ” No you cute!” This is basically one of the cutest stories ever.

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