Kevin Spacey joins Bill Clinton for plush dinner in London

He famously impersonated Bill Clinton at Elton John's Grey Goose Winter Ball, sending up the former president saying: 'I have been to Africa and I know how to party', all the while wearing star sunglasses.
But it seems Clinton has already forgiven his actor pal as the pair dined out in Mayfair on Thursday with Spacey, 53, wearing a dazzling patterned grey suit.
Former president Clinton opted for a dark brown suit and kept his head down as he left Scotts restaurant, perhaps giving his eyes a rest after staring at Spacey's hypnotising suit all night.

Dinner for two: Kevin Spacey leaves Scotts in Mayfair, closely followed by Bill Clinton

Suited and booted: Bill Clinton (left) and Kevin Spacey didn't want to be seen leaving the Mayfair restaurant together

Theatre star Spacey, standing in for Sir Elton John at the Grey Goose Winter Ball to raise money for the pop star’s Aids charity, impressed guests with his impression of Clinton at the ball.
'I just wanna say I am the right person to understand this cause. I’ve been to Africa and I know how to party. Before I became Obama’s explainer-in-chief.', Spacey is reported to have said from the podium in a southern drawl.
Perhaps it was just water under the bride for Clinton, who famously said: 'I don't suppose there's any public figure that's ever been subject to any more violent personal attacks than I have.'

Hat's off to you! Kevin Spacey opted for a grey suit and dapper hat for his dinner with Clinton

Who dressed better? Bill Clinton went for waistcoat and brown tie for his evening out while Kevin Spacey opted for a dazzling grey suit 

Clinton, who was one of the President Obama's most important surrogates throughout his campaign, spoke at a number of events before the election.
His wife Hillary Clinton kept a low profile has led to speculation she is busy preparing for her own run at the White House in 2016.
Ms Clinton has previously announced that she is to step down from State early next year, and this week her spokesman confirmed that she was set to leave office within months.
However, many pundits are sceptical of her protestations, and the main article on Politico, a news website popular with insiders, anointed her the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.