LeBron James Is Jack White, Kobe Is Kanye in Sweet Spin Magazine List


Photo Credit: Spin Magazine

If you had a burning desire to match NBA stars to their pop music counterparts, consider it completely quenched. 

Spin Magazine (h/t Hot Clicks) has a list of NBA stars and the people in pop music their personalities most closely resemble. 

It's a simple concept that should keep us all occupied in debate as we ponder whether Derrick Rose is really the NBA's Adele or if Carmelo Anthony is the hoops version of John Mayer. 

As you can see, there is a lot here, and we give you but a sampling of the depth to which Spin Magazine goes as they match up 40 athletes with their pop doppelgangers of sorts.

The top of the list has LeBron James matching wits with Jack White, and I agree with them completely. Both White and James share a certain level of versatility and talent that is largely unmatched in their respective spheres. 

They write that White is "our biggest, brightest, most actively evolving rock star, a supernova," a person they feel brings the best out of whomever he is collaborating with. 

As a person who has come around a great deal on James and what he brings to the NBA, I tend to agree with this one. 

Kobe Bryant is all Yeezy, and the haters may agree. Hell, Lakers fans have to nod in agreement as well because the comparison is a just one.

The magazine sees Kanye West's transformation from a one-man show trying to strut his stuff to someone welcoming a great deal of collaboration.

As for Bryant, they say, "Bryant isn't merely tolerating collaboration from the likes of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol, he's relying on it. Watch the Throne, indeed, Miami."

I can see them linking Dwight Howard to Nicki Minaj, but more from a "look at me" standpoint than anything else. 

They even have Dirk Nowitzki linked to Radiohead, which, on many levels, is sweet perfection. 

"Whether pioneering pay-what-you-can album releases or perfecting the one-legged fadeaway, seeking inspiration from unlikely sources and mad-genius mentors, or just making some curious hairchoices, these cerebral, avant-leaning giants attain excellence by unconventional methods."

Pretty much. 

Pop culture and sports are constantly riding side by side as we consume both for our enjoyment. The link between basketball stars and pop music was there to be made. 

Now that it has, we have something else to debate.

Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1411809-lebron-james-is-jack-white-kobe-is-kanye-in-sweet-spin-magazine-list