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Adam's in a pickle...clip from E!

TWIST: Can you tell us about what's coming up on Degrassi?
Luke: This year, we have a story line that's never really happened before. There might be a wedding involved, some break ups, but a lot of things are going to make the fans love it. I'm very excited.
This storyline has been hyped up so much, sucks that we won't see it until the spring episodes

TWIST: What's the vibe like on set?
Luke: We have a family vibe when we're filming. One of my best friends is actually Monroe Chambers who plays Eli. We all get involved with the crew, the cast and the executive producers. Even at 6 o'clock in the morning, it's never really a bad time to go to work.

TWIST: Can you tell us about your character?
Luke: Drew starts off as a football jock who gets all the girls and keeps making bad decisions. Then he meets a girl named Bianca and they fall in love. He's gone through the ringer but I'm very lucky to be able to portray him in all of the multiple stories that he's had.

TWIST: How are you similar and different to your character?
Luke: We kind of act the same way. When we know something is right, we always stand up for it. When we believe in something, we don't let it go very easily. We are a lot more alike now, then when I first started.

TWIST: Drew is a football player on the show! Do you play any sports?
Luke: I pretty much play every sport possible. The one sport that I don't get to play on Degrassi is hockey, and that's my favorite sport. The one sport that Drew is best at is basketball and I actually suck at basketball.

TWIST: Can you tell me what's next for you?
Luke: I just found out I'll be coming back next year on Degrassi. Being in LA has been a big step for me. The next thing is just landing a movie or TV show and making the move out to LA.
the last question is really the only reason i posted this interview. guess drew's coming back. that's 1 of the 2 linda said are coming back (so far). after dallas' comment last week about taking a "victory lap or two", he seems to be the popular guess for the other character that's staying. hf dallas, nhf drew at all. and i could totally see luke joining some terrible cw show tbh

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probably the spring break

TONIGHT, TONIGHT IS AIRING NEXT TUESDAY @ 9/8c INSTEAD OF FRIDAY ON TEENNICK (MuchMusic will be airing it on Friday as usual)