The Wanted: 'We Brought One Direction Rivalry On Ourselves'

So the boyband battle between One Direction and The Wanted stepped up a notch this week when 1D's Louis Tomlinson told the 'I Found You' singers: "If you want to create that rivalry, then lets do it."

But The Wanted lads have backed away from a full scale war by playing down their rivalry, admitting: "We brought it on ourselves".

Responding to Louis' interview in Now magazine, the band's Tom Parker told us yesterday: "I think we initiated it and we brought it on ourselves. But the stuff that we said wasn't like 'you're rubbish'. We felt that we were two different audiences."

While Max George reckoned the One Directioner was just 'flirting' with them because he 'likes' them, he tried to explain that he didn't mean to annoy the band with his recent comments they were like the Jonas Brothers.

"I think I said, which annoyed them, they're like the new Jonas Brothers. I love the Jonas Brothers, I think they're mint!," he said. "But I think they got offended by that. I don't know why. I wasn't trying to have a go. We're not even that bothered to be honest."

Louis Tomlinson also said in his interview that he 'wasn't going to shy away from' the rivalry after accusing The Wanted of 'bad mouthing' One Direction in several interviews and TV appearances.

However, Jay McGuiness added that he didn't think there was any real tension between the two groups, who have both stormed America this year.

"We haven't met them enough for there to be actual drama. There's not much content in what anyone has said. I think a lot of it is press generated," he said.