Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Collector’s Edition Box Set + Exclusive Signed Book Plate

This spectacular collector’s edition includes a lavishly illustrated book on the making of the show, two maps, plus an artist’s portfolio of never-before-seen storyboards, housed in a handsome gold-stamped case. You will also receive a BONUS book plate signed by the author himself, Bryan Cogman!

The book reveals how the best-selling fantasy series was translated into a show that has captivated millions. It includes hundreds of unpublished set photos, production and costume designs, plus family trees, a dissection of the Dothraki language, and histories of the realms. Interviews with actors and crew members, as well as a foreword by George R.R. Martin, make this an exclusive window into the show.

The portfolio shows how comic book artist Will Simpson singlehandedly storyboarded seasons one and two and features deleted scenes and alternate scenes. Storyboards are seldom made public, so this collection is as rare as it is fascinating.

Completing the package are maps of Westeros and Essos. Fans will recognize the maps from the HBO Go bonus material for Season 2, printed on archival, acid-free paper, and ready for framing.

Product Features:

  • A deluxe foil-stamped box
  • Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: Hardcover, 192 pages with padded case and gilded edges
  • The Storyboards: hardcover, 192 pages 3-piece case with ribbon closure
  • Two scrolled color maps printed on archival, acid-free paper [Dimensions: 12.717"(L) x 12.717"(W) x 2.677"(H)]

Price:$150.00 but Amazon has it for $90

i think i need this because of reasons. also, it looks like they actually hired a graphic designer and got this shit done right. i'm gonna wait until HBO inevitably gifts this to the shitheads over at westeros.org before i buy it. i'm sure they'll brag about it. and not that i give a damn about the signed bit but better cogman's signature than D&W's.

Source: HBO Shop, Game of Thrones Official Facebook Page