Rihanna remains a qt, stans for Mariah on Ellen. May Mariah bless her soul.

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Mariah Carey once again was named as an inspiring role model to remember. The entertainer who is known as a legend actually made a huge impact on Rihanna and her music. On Wednesday Rihanna chatted with Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared just what an influence the older(eternally 12) entertainer made on her.

“I remember looking up to people like Mariah Carey...the most. I identify with her in so many ways,” said Rihanna on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “She was biracial. She was also young and I remember hearing her story and really being connected to it.” Of course once Rihanna moved to America the opportunities to hear different music influenced her further, but in the beginning it was all about Mariah Carey.

As fans of Mariah Carey know, the diva is once again influencing young people with her job as a judge on American Idol. As successful as Rihanna has become after appreciating Mariah’s music and strength in the business, let’s just hope a few more talented singers decide to be as determined as Mariah Carey as good music is always needed.

Take a look at the video clip of Rihanna discussing Mariah Carey as her role model.


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