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Misha lays the smack down on Tosh.0 to protect his minion

The girl in the cheese dress was participating in this year's GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) for the following item:
#34: [IMAGE] Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980.) [98 points]

Someone posted her picture to Tosh.0's website and all the insecure assholes gathered and started making absolutely disgusting comments on her appearance. Check out her post:

"This is serious fucking business right now.

I posted myself in a cheese dress not too long ago, thinking “heh GISHWHES PFF only the SPN fandom will get this” and it got over 11k notes in about 2 weeks. Yeah. I wasn’t expecting it. It would’ve been fine if it had stayed like that, but now it’s on Tosh.0’s website.

That’s not cool. Whoever sent it in for him to look at, is not a cool person in my book at all. At. ALL. My mom, god bless her, she only thinks it’s on Facebook (which it’ll be taken down off of there AS SOON AS EVERYTHING ELSE IS TAKEN OFF), and my dad doesn’t know it’s even online. So you can imagine me freaking out right now because, A) if this ever goes on TV, I’m fucked up beyond belief; and B) seeing my parents ashamed of their daughter is never a great thing.

And I know you’re saying this to yourself: “Well, Janelle, if you didn’t want people to see it, you shouldn’t have posted it.” Yeah, I was only expecting maybe 100 people seeing it, and that be it. Not over a million people, apparently, now that it’s been posted on Facebook through tosh.0. And I certainly wasn’t expecting people to send it to him, or for them to just take the picture off my blog and put it on theirs, without thinking of the repercussions of it. I’m about 80% sure some people on campus will recognize me, and wow, do you think I’m safe? Not really.

Besides, no one EVER got my consent to post it ANYWHERE. I get it—it’s the internet, and whatever goes on the internet stays on the internet. But to just take my picture without even trying to contact me—that’s ridiculous.

So I need everyone—EVERYONE—to go to tosh.0’s facebook page. I NEED you to report it (it’s the one with the cheese dress). If you hover over the post, click on the X that shows in the top right corner. To those that have done this already, thank you SO much. If you haven’t, PLEASE do this! If the X is not showing up, click on the timestamp underneath their page’s name, and it’ll come up as this thread. There should be an X that shows there, too.

If you’ve done this, great, please send this around. I’ve already contacted Facebook to take down the link, I’ve contacted the guy that posted it on Tosh.0’s blog to take it down (as well as just taking down the link), and I contacted Tumblr to see if they can just erase all of the reblogs and the picture even existing on here. I know it’ll be on the internet forever, fine. But at least I can control whatever I have left. I still have to contact Tosh.0’s email, as well as Comedy Central in general. But if you could do this one small thing, I’ll be forever indebted to you.

Thank you so much."

Edit: the picture has been taken down from tosh.0 but the original "poorly dressed" post and tosh.0's facebook post are apparently still up.

Let's hope Misha gives her bonus points for her trouble. :/
Tags: comedy / comedian, misha collins
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