From Holly Brook To Skylar Grey to this.....

On December 11th, Skylar Grey will release "C'Mon Let Me Ride," the lead single from her debut album Don't Look Down. The playful pop tune, which Grey calls "an X-rated kids' song," features Eminem singing a famous refrain: the hook of Queen's "Bicycle Race."

She started out in 2006 as Holly Brook singing on Fort Minor's Where'd You Go.

She released an album that went nowhere so she changed her name to Skylar Grey and found success writing Rihanna's verses on Eminem's Love The Way You Lie.  She then tried to release another album with a new Emo sound and look:

The singles went nowhere so the album was scrapped and reworked with Eminem as Executive Producer and I'm guessing they're really desperate for sells:

More important though is why in the world is Eminem producing a singer's album? Remember when he used to make fun of pop stars?