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X FACTOR DISCUSSION + Cece warned to stay away from Harry

Vote topper Tate Stevens: "Every tweet, man, Harry, Harry, Harry. I got to find out what his secret is...Everyone loves Harry."

With such deep ties to the program, MTV News asked the current contestants if they could ask One Direction one question, what would it be? Some of their answers were quite colorful.

CeCe Frey has heard a lot about Harry Styles and has been warned by her fans about his reputation with the ladies. "You know what? So many fans of One Direction have been tweeting to me, saying like, 'If you get to see One Direction, stay away from Harry!' " she laughed. "So I'm always like, 'OK, I will stay away from Harry!' "

"My one question for One Direction is: Zayn, will you make out with me backstage?" Jason Brock joked about his favorite bandmember, Zayn Malik. "Then he'd better say 'yes' and he'd better follow me on Twitter."

Country singer Tate Stevens also seemed intrigued by Harry's powers. "Harry, that guy? He's probably the most famous of them all for some reason. Every tweet, man, [it's] 'Harry, Harry, Harry.' I got to find out what his secret is, because apparently he has it. Everyone loves Harry."

Boy band — and 1D heir apparent — Emblem3 just want to chitchat with the fellas. "We're stoked to meet those guys. I think we reach out to the same market and the same audience, but in different ways. Those guys just look like awesome dudes. I feel like we'll be buddies," they said.

Much like the threesome of Lyric 145, 1D originally wanted to compete as solo players before Cowell saw their potential as a band and threw them together. So the Lyric 145 wants to know: "How do you feel being completely different from each other and put into a group?"

Vino Alan had a more serious question for the guys. "I'd probably ask them what their experiences around the world have been like, because that's what I'm learning every day, is that I'm [an] old dog learning new tricks," he said. "Right? We can go there."

Arin Ray, on the other hand, may have summed it up best with his question: "How does it feel being the biggest superstars in the world right now?"

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