Todd (kydeon) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

X FACTOR DISCUSSION + Cece warned to stay away from Harry

Vote topper Tate Stevens: "Every tweet, man, Harry, Harry, Harry. I got to find out what his secret is...Everyone loves Harry."

With such deep ties to the program, MTV News asked the current contestants if they could ask One Direction one question, what would it be? Some of their answers were quite colorful.

CeCe Frey has heard a lot about Harry Styles and has been warned by her fans about his reputation with the ladies. "You know what? So many fans of One Direction have been tweeting to me, saying like, 'If you get to see One Direction, stay away from Harry!' " she laughed. "So I'm always like, 'OK, I will stay away from Harry!' "

Backstage photos under the cut...Collapse )
Tags: discussion, one direction, x factor (us)

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