Bieber Pulled Over By Cops Again

Justin Bieber was pulled over yet again by cops in his fast Ferrari, making this his second citation in just six months.

The Baby singer, 18, was given a minor traffic citation around 6:25 p.m. in West Hollywood, the city's sheriff's department tells ET. He was ticketed for for making an unsafe left turn and having an expired registration.

Following the incident, Bieber posted an Instagram photo of police-car lights leaving the scene.

Earlier this year, Bieber was pulled over by a California highway patrolman on the 101 Freeway in San Fernando Valley, Calif. for speeding in his Fisker sports car. The teen heartthrob told police that he was being chased by a paparazzo, and Los Angeles prosecutors later filed charges against the photographer.

Justin Bieber posted this photo on his Instagram, which appeared to be taken from inside his Ferrari


why did Justin's rich ass not renew his tags or get someone from his team to do it?