This is a Misfits MASSIVE Picture and Updates Post

Antonia at the London Film Festival premiere of her new film, Spike Island:

Antonia promo for her series Homefront:

Antonia for Hunger Magazine:

Antonia drew this, so not only is she beautiful, sings and acts, she paints too:

Antonia on Halloween:

Antonia on the set of her new movie musical based on The Proclaimers music, Sunshine on Leith :

Antonia has four movies coming out in 2013: Rearview, Spike Island, Northern Soul, and Sunshine on Leith. Her series "Homefront" also just finished airing.

At an event a few days ago:

Nathan in the stage play The Pitchfork Disney earlier this year:

Nathan is about to start filming the movie "The Curse of The Buxom Strumpet."

DJing recently:

On the set of Misfits:

In addition to being aridiculously talented actor, Mr. Gilgun is preparing to film "This is England '90" and will appear in the tv series "Ripper Street," about Jack the Ripper.

Rob will of course be in the new film The Mortal Instruments next year. He is also in "Untitled Ari Gold Project" with Rory Culkin.

New promo pic for his new EP "Bang Bang:"

Paparazzi photo:

Iwan at the London Film Festival Premiere of Wasteland:

Iwan in France to promote Wasteland with Misfits director Tom Green:

Iwan has three movies out in 2013: Wasteland, Libertador, and Driven. He will also be on the third season of Game of Slaps Thrones and will release his third EP, Bang Bang! at the end of the year. He is also playing a gig in London on December 7th.

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