Guy Fieri's New Restaurant Is Apparently As Bad As His Style

New York Times food critic Pete Wells published a review of Guy's American Bar and Grill, the latest concept from Food Network-famous walking hot rod Guy Fieri, that's composed entirely of questions. And it's awesome. The review, that is. The restaurant sounds absolutely horrible.

We didn't exactly expect four stars for Fieri's Times Square location. Other outlets have said the spot "won't kill you (immediately)" and described the offerings as "the end-product of our struggle to extract edible elements from heaps of sugar and sludge masquerading as normal food." One Yelp reviewer invites readers to "imagine an 11-year old boy designing a menu" and then "imagine the food served with the apathy of a New York MTA worker." Another reviewer found it odd that "there are TVs in the bathroom screening [Fieri's] shows." But Wells really drives the point home.

Reviewer Practically Scalped Fieri's Midlife Crisis Hair Off His HeadCollapse )