Sufjan Releases Silver & Gold, Covers Prince & the Star Spangled Banner

All 58 songs from Sufjan Stevens' Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6 - 10 can now be streamed here.

Here's a playlist of videos to complement the release, curated by his record label, Ashmatic Kitty. 

The latest video, I'll Be Home for Christmas, features a young girl that seems rather impassive towards a constellation of bizzare things around her, ie: a saw-wielding Santa, an awkward dog funeral, a John Wayne Gacy Jr clown, a lumberjack in a living room etc.

An exerpt from the 80-pages linear album booklet:

Hairstyles, nail colors, necklines and skinny ties come and go (as expedient patrons of a whorehouse), but Christmas is forever. Soft drinks and culinary treats, best-sellers, paperback page-turners, block- buster Hollywood thrillers, chart toppers, record shak- ers, heroic capers, championship makers and personal heartbreakers recede into the vast oblivion of memory as each whimsical woe-begotten trophy moment is successively surmounted, supplanted, dumbfounded, blessed, buried and put to rest, but Christmas is forever. We may climb onto various bandwagon fads of the new millennium, trending new-wave dream pop, post-ironic afro-punk, big-band beach jam, shoe-gaze summer blues, bi-polar boy band bonanzas, disco dub, chill-wave, spoken-word poetry rave, Ethiopian jazz fusion, dreadlock drum circle, Delta-basin blues, folk- metal friend-rock faux pas, speed metal social network disaster, krunk, punk, skunk-pop, teen-bop, hip-hop highland scotch square dance, line dance, break dance, funky house, future garage, Gamelan gender bender, glam metal, glitch wave, grind core, girl band, boy-toy, heavy metal, jitterbug jungle, reggae, soul, slow-mo, scatter-ska, skittle core, riddle core, fiddle horror grind-gore, soft-shell pole-dance, role-play-Canto-pop- romantic-slow-dance-stutter-core, and bang-on-a-can new music marathon, all the subterranean, cross- cultural, multi-media, interdisciplinary, death-defying, cross-over, genre-bending multiplicity of music fashions instigating cultural fatigue faster than the speed of sound, but Christmas is forever.

Another surprise cover just arrived from Sufjan Stevens, with a trip back to 1988: Prince’s “Alphabet St.”

Hear the Lovesexy single Sufjanized with plenty of reverence to the Purple One’s original.

A week ago on election day, Sufjan uploaded his take of the national anthem on his tumblr:

I almost could not recognise the national anthem. The boxset is absolutely gorgeous, notably the mad animal stickers. CDs are definitely going into heavy rotation next week when I go for a road trip!

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