Beyonce Previews Her Bikini While Wining & Dining On A Boat

Beyonce has worked hard in the music industry since she was just 16 years old, so we don't blame her for showing off her lavish lifestyle!

The 30-year-old singing sensation recently posted some pictures to her website I Am Beyonce while on a boat in some beautiful weather, even though it's getting close to winter time...

While most of us are bringing out our winter coats, King Bey is making sure to soak up all the sun she can before she has to wrap up tight for the cold.

Bey even showed off a little bit of her sexy bikini top, even though she had a sweater over it. Blue Ivy's mama even gave us a glimpse into how she satisfies her hunger every night by posting a picture of some strawberries, wings, and one of her favorite drinks.

Bey is living the life of royalty, which she deserves!


ONTD Foodie post time tbh