Oscar posts are back - An Intro for the 2012 - 2013 Season

"I have met certain people whom I automatically would never vote for because I didn’t like the 30 seconds that I spent with them." He (director James Toback) refused to name names ("the list is too long"), but added, "Listen, anyone who says that the Oscars is not a popularity contest is lying through his teeth. People vote for their friends and they vote against the people they don’t like. I would almost say that one in ten voters that I’ve known over the years actually do it legitimately, if there is such a thing."

We’re getting a bit of a late start this year, but that’s ok – in the next few weeks, we’ll make up for lost time, getting everybody caught up on the campaigns, slander, underhanded Weinstein moves and general gossip going on during awards season.

The regular weekly posts, where we’ll put more of a focus on each of the main categories, will start tomorrow, and remain on Wednesdays until January 9th, the day before the Academy Award nominations are announced. Until then, let’s get warmed up with this list of potential Oscar hopefuls that Variety put together (and remember, these are movies that range from potential Best Picture nominations to mostly technical nods, so… no need to point out that “so-and-so has no shot at best picture” in the comments). Which of these have you already seen ONTD? Which ones that haven’t come out yet are you most looking forward to?

Behold, the thrifty 30: this year's leading candidates to earn at least two nominations for Oscar in picture, director, acting, screenplay, foreign language and animation.Collapse )

btw, if anyone has suggestions for things they want to see in these posts, or if you wanna contribute something to them in general, feel free to say so in the comments.