Judge Judy hits the beach in a bikini for her 70th birthday!

No objection here!

On Monday's episode of "Katie," Judith Sheindlin (better known as Judge Judy) chats with host Katie Couric about celebrating her 70th birthday.

The tough TV judge turned the big 7-0 on Oct. 21, and celebrated the milestone by showing off her still slim, toned bod. Sheindlin brought a photo to share of herself posing in a sexy white bikini on her big day. However, the reality courtroom star, who is a mother to seven children, did wear a lacy (but see-through) white cover-up.

"Florence Henderson told me 70 is the new 50," she told Couric of the 78-year-old former "Brady Bunch" actress.

In May 2012, Sheindlin launched the advice-sharing website whatwouldjudysay.com. In a video posted Nov. 1, she discussed planning for your funeral.

"If I had my choice, I'd skip the topic altogether and live forever," she said. "Since that may not be an option, the details surrounding an eternal resting place should be given a little thought."