Gary Dourdan files for bankruptcy as he tries to avoid losing his house to foreclosure

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Dourdan, who played analyst Warrick Brown on the original series for 8 years, filed for Chapter 11 at the end of August according to TMZ.

Reports claims that the 45-year-old has slightly more than $1.8 million in assets, but has debts of $1,689,704 million.

Dourdan, who was voted sexiest CSI Actor by TV Guide in 2008, owes the majority of the money to various banks, including Union Bank, which apparently holds the mortgage on his home that may be in default. The troubled actor has been embroiled in a lawsuit against Union Bank, which he claims denied him mortgage assistance as required under California law, for a year.

His remaining assets are listed as including $200 cash, $3,000 in a bank account, $4,000 in furniture, $200 worth of books, $1,500 in clothes, $500 in watches, and a 2006 Dodge Charger worth approximately $7,000.

In addition, Dourdan said his disposable income is only $321 a month, with his bills (averaging $14,562 a month) claiming most of the $14,883 the actor earns monthly.

But Dourdan says he anticipates 'major acting roles' in the future, which could be used to pay off his debt.

Under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy code, a company or an individual is protected from claims by creditors while it attempts to reorganize its finances under a plan approved by the court.

And this is not the first time that the unemployed actor has been in trouble.

Gary was arrested in 2008 in Palm Springs and later pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and ecstasy.

In 2011, Dourdan was arrested again after he crashed his vehicle into two parked cars and was also charged with possessing Oxycontin and drug paraphenalia.The charges were later dropped because the actor allegedly completed 20 hours of Narcotics Anonymous.

Later that year he was arrested once more at his home in Venice, California, following an altercation with his former girlfriend. Nicole Vail Cannizzaro's nose was broken during the argument and Dourdan was charged with felony battery and a judge issued a three-year restraining order against him.