Stephen Colbert Gets Waxed!

Who's honoring Stephen Colbert now? Why, Madame Tussauds, of course.
Yes, finally, the waxy shrine that The Colbert Report's eponymous host's mind deserves is here, and the go-to celebrity immortalizers have offered up a sneak peek at Stephen's most notable asset.
Namely, that big ego head of his.
Check out Taylor Lautner's wax job
Madame Tussauds today gave fans a sneak peek of its soon-to-be revealed wax figure of the fake newsman's noggin, showing off the sculpted-clay mold ahead of the figure's full Friday unveiling.
Come the week's end, Stephen's complete wax likeness will be loosed upon the Colbert (and non-Colbert) nation, with the satirist himself on hand to show off his form, which will be outfitted in clothes donated from his own wardrobe, including suit, tie, shirt, cuff links, socks, shoes and lapel pin (clearly no detail is too small for the Colbert touch).
Ultimately, his doppelgänger will be seated behind a desk in a replica set of The Colbert Report. As if we needed more proof that Colbert was a national treasure.