Crystal Castles talks about their new album, the oppression of women in the world and burkas

Alice Glass and Ethan Kath on their new album's themes of oppression, and why their beyond-dire outlook is based on much more than a goth-tinted hallucination.
By Ryan Dombal, November 8, 2012

Photos by Erez Avissar

When most think of Crystal Castles, they think of the Canadian duo's riotous, strobe-strewn live shows, or frontwoman Alice Glass' manic yelps, or producer Ethan Kath's paranoid synth static. They don't think of the words coming out of Glass' mouth-- probably because nearly all of them are distorted beyond recognition. But they're there. And they're important to Crystal Castles.

On new album (III)-- which you can listen to in full below, via Spotify-- Glass' lyrics attack various forms of oppression: religious, societal, governmental.
Her overall outlook, as you might guess from her dying-animal delivery, is quite bleak. On "Insulin", between claustrophobic bass hits, she cries: "Your first born will be accosted/ Fill their lungs with tar and sage/ Make the stem cells act their age." Her message is unrelenting as it depicts a dystopia filled with disease, hypocrisy, and bride burnings-- it makes The Matrix look like "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". And, as Glass explained to us over email, her words are even scarier because they're all based on real-life injustices happening right now around the world.

No one should say whether others should breed or not, that would go against how I feel a woman has the right to choose. Everyone has the right to feel regret.Collapse )


I pretty much bolded everything. This is a great interview whether you like the band or not. What are your favorite songs from (III).