Noah Cyrus Could Be Following In Big Sister Miley’s Footsteps

Noah Cyrus has the pedigree of a star, and it appears that the 9-year-old may be following in her big sister Miley’s footsteps to become a young actress.

The youngest member of the Cyrus family has made a number of television appearances, but always on a family member’s show. She was on her father’s series, Doc, a number of times and also appeared alongside Miley on Hannah Montana. But she later voiced the lead of the animated movie, Ponyo, and earlier this year Noah Cyrus made her own appearance on The Joey & Elise Show.

It was at the same age that Miley Cyrus made her entry into acting. She was eight when her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, moved to Toronto to work on the television series Doc. After Miley watched her father, she was inspired to get into acting, a feeling that was solidified when he took Miley to see a production of Momma Mia! in 2001.

Noah Cyrus would have had the same experience, tagging along as her older sister filmed the show Hannah Montana and worked in the recording industry.

It’s clear that Noah Cyrus and Miley have been spending a lot of time together, so it’s possible that Miley is serving as a mentor to her sister’s ambitions. The two were seen in matching ghost photographs earlier this year, Ace Show Biz reported.

Noah Cyrus is also gaining more connections in the entertainment world — or at least meeting some of her girlhood idols. Last month Katy Perry helped Noah meet One Direction at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Sugarscape reported. Earlier in the year Miley flew Noah to New York to meet Justin Bieber on the set of Good Morning America, The Celebrity Cafe notes.