Why Food Network Alton Brown Can’t Eat Girl Scout Cookies


After losing more than 50 pounds a few years back, celebrity chef Alton Brown not only remained in the culinary industry, he became an even more frequent contributor to the Food Network. In addition to his now-defunct show "Good Eats," he signed on as host of the pro competition series "The Next Iron Chef," which starts its fifth season on November 4, and earlier this year served as a dedicated coach to contestants on the most recent installment of "Food Network Star." That means that everywhere he turns, there's food. But while Brown, 50, has kept his eating habits in check, he admits it's not easy.

"Yeah, I lost a lot of weight, I've kept most of it off, but it's still a constant, day-to-day battle for me," he tells omg!. And there are certain rules that Brown now lives by. "Never sit down to a meal really hungry, because if you sit down really hungry, by the time your brain even realizes you've eaten, you've cleared a plate twice the size of what you needed. I try to never let myself get that hungry," he shares. "You've got to learn that there's such a thing as a spoonful of ice cream. I wouldn't have believed that at one time. To me, a Ben and Jerry's carton was a single serving."

While the trained chef indulges in small portions of decadent items now and again, there are a couple of things he'll never allow himself. For one, Girl Scout cookies. "I can't have one," Brown confesses. "If you break the tube, you eat the tube." The second item? Milk. "I cook with milk, I use milk in a lot of ways, but I don't drink milk because it made me eat Girl Scout cookies."

The impetus to lose weight took place at the Food Network studios, where Brown was shooting an episode of "Good Eats." "One day I was looking at myself on the monitor and my head was out of frame, it was just my body. And for a split second I didn't know who that fat guy was," Brown recalls. "I was like 'Oh … that's me. Oh my God.' I had missed it. How do you miss something like that? How do you miss that you've let yourself go?"

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