Emblem 3 member is dating Fifth Harmony member <3

The Sex Factor: X Factor's Lauren and Keaton are in love!

Looks like two members of Simon Cowell’s groups have started a group of their own and have started dating! vThat could be an easy answer for Emblem 3 member, Keaton Stromberg (16) and Fifth Harmony member, Lauren Jauregui (16), who are starting to fall in love!

When reporters asked Emblem 3 about their dating status at an after show press room interview Nov. 7, all the members of Emblem 3 were quick to say, “Single, we’re single. Very single!”

But their answer seems to differ from an In Touch report which says Keaton and Lauren are definitely an item.

“They’re both young, and it’s a really cute romance,” says a production insider. “Whenever they’re at the house, they are always hanging out together. [They] are getting closer and closer.”

So it seems they’re both publicly playing coy on their relationship status, but behind closed doors, things seem to be heating up — and we love it! Hopefully the relationship will blossom as the weeks continue, and The X Factor couple will fall more in love and won’t become The Ex Factor!


wow @ her amazing taste <3