Casting Call: Jane (Tarzan)

It’s recently been announced that director David Yates will adapt a big screen version of Tarzan with Warner Bros. Rumors are putting Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam, and Alexander Skarsgård as possibles for the lead but no word yet on who could be playing Jane. Below are some British beauties I’d like to see get the part of Jane in a live-action Tarzan film.
10. poots
Imogen Poots is the blue-eyed damsel from the Fright Night remake with plenty of credit under her belt. She’s been rumored for many important American roles lately and I think this is another one she’d be great for.

9. coulby
Angel Coulby plays humble Gwen on Merlin. I think her gentle nature and  beautiful smile will work for the part of this English rose.
8. bolger
Sarah Bolger was a tour de force in The Tudors and has recently nabbed the role of Sleeping Beauty on Once Upon a Time. She is another actress who I think has the right persona for this role.
7. myles
Sophia Myles charmed her way into our hearts as the doomed princess Isolde and was absolutely wonderful on the short-lived Moonlight. She would bring the right balance of sweet and sassy to the part of Jane.
6. dormer
Natalie Dormer is a talented and beautiful woman whether she’s blonde or brunette. It would be nice to see her in a softer role than the seductress Anne Boleyn on The Tudors or power-hungry Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones.
5. garai
Romola Garai is an underrated talent and an expert at period pieces. She has an “everygirl” quality about her and despite that, hasn’t had a good introduction to American audiences yet.
4. wallis
Annabelle Wallis played the sweet but doomed Queen Jane on The Tudors and a mysterious stewardess on PanAm. Since that show has been cancelled, this role would be the perfect opportunity to thrust her into the spotlight.
3. griffiths
Lucy Griffiths has the face of a Disney princess and the attitude of spunky heroine. She was perfect as Marion on BBC’s Robin Hood and continues to gain fans with her role on True Blood.
2. popplewell
Anna Popplewell is another British beauty who has been sadly MIA since her role in the Narnia movies. She’s no stranger to epic tales and is need of a more grown-up role.
1. thomas
Antonia Thomas plays the beautiful yet spoiled character of Alisha Bailey on Misfits. She has the face of an angel and the attitude of a spunky young woman; a perfect combination for Jane.