Vogue Hommes Japan folds + Favorite Editorials

Fashion director Nicola Formichetti has announced that the autumn/winter 2012 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan will be the last.

Men's style bible Vogue Hommes Japan will cease publication following its autumn/winter 2012 issue.

The magazine was launched in September 2008 as the Japanese counterpart to the long-running and highly-respected L'Uomo Vogue , the Italian Vogue for men.

Fashion director Nicola Formichetti - who is also the creative director of fashion house Mugler, a long-time collaborator of singer Lady Gaga's and the fashion director of high street store Uniqlo - announced the news via his Tumblr page yesterday.

In a short statement he said publishers Condé Nast had decided to switch "its men's publication globally from Vogue to GQ Style ." He added, "I loved the issues we made together. Each issue was a chance to collaborate with the best creatives in the world. Our goal was to push the boundaries of fashion and oh boy did we take it there!!"

Formichetti also hinted that he is set to pursue a new print venture with two of his colleagues from Vogue Hommes Japan . "In this digital world, I still love making magazines," he said.

The Chinese, Brazilian and US editions of the publication met a similar fate, with all folding within five years of their launch.


Retrospective : Vogue Hommes Japan

Earlier this week it was announced that the consistently stellar Vogue Hommes Japan would be shuttering as part of Conde Nast’s decision to switch their men’s publications globally from Vogue, to GQ Style. Magazines come and go, but Vogue Hommes Japan was something special. Led by Nicola Formichetti and featuring the talents of some of fashion’s biggest names, the mag delved into the artistic, eccentric and boundary pushing side of menswear. Fashion can often be disproportionally focused on the ladies, but Formichetti and co. breathed new life into the world of men’s editorial with an outlook that was bold, brash and always on point. We’re going to miss VHJP and their in-your-face style, take a look back at some of our favorite editorials from the magazine and share your own in the comments.

Digital Vol. 1 iPad Special
Ph. Pierre Debusschere
Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti
Before gifs became a regular part of our appreciation of editorials, Vogue Hommes Japan was creating content that utilized new media to tell fashion tales in a whole new way.

Gothic Glamour 
Ph. Mariano Vivanco
Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti
Gothic glamour at its finest, a theme the magazine has revisited since, but this story holds a special place in our hearts.

Samurai Fiction
Ph. Hedi Slimane
Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti
Pushing past the expected Slimane-isms and into new territory, this story explored the Asian influenced menswear trends in the most beautiful manner all in juicy, pops off the page color. We wish we could order prints of this one!

Ph. Miles Aldridge
Fashion Editor – Shun Watanabe | Makeup - Lloyd Simmonds
High gloss fantasy and saturated colors are Aldridge’s signature style, but this edit gives things a decadent menswear twist that makes things pulsate with energy.

The Americans
Ph. Hedi Slimane
Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti
Instant classic!

Bondage Warriors
Ph. Steven Klein
Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti | Makeup – Kabuki | Hair – Shon
Steven Klein’s preoccupation with bondage has led to some truly exquisite editorials and this is no exception. Many fashion stories get called edgy, but this one pushed all the limits and it payed off big time.

The Creator of Devotion
Ph. Matthew Stone
Fashion Editor - Matthew Josephs
Makeup - Alex Box | Hair - James Pecis
Pure beauty from one of the art world’s most exciting talents. Stone is a noted photographer, sculptor, performance artist, curator and more, this story utilizes his talents to create a sumptuous vision that went beyond fashion.

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