Misha Collins invites you to E4K + GISHWHES Giveaway Winners!

In 2010 Random Acts co-founder Misha Collins ran 83km and raised funds through pledges to help fund random acts of kindness across the world. But why should he get to have all the fun?

This year we are launching Endure4Kindness which is your opportunity to test your limits and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Raising money is hard work and after the actual event, we know you’ll be ready for a little R&R. So to help with that we have a fantastic vacation package available to the top fundraiser.

So what does it involve? In simple terms E4K is a global endurance event. Participants are invited to pick an activity and invite their friends, family and members of the local community to pledge money. The more you do the more you'll raise and the more acts of kindness you'll help fund.

What sort of activity? That's entirely up to you. We're inviting you to be creative with your ideas. If you want to climb as many trees in a forest as you can in a day then go for it. If you want to jog as far as you can backwards then that's great. Want to jump rope for as long as possible? Go for it.

When is the event? E4K will take place over the weekend of November 17 and 18. You can choose when you wish to participate so long as it covers a continuous 24 hour period. You don’t have to participate for the full 24 hours but you can’t, for example, do a few hours on one day and then take a break before continuing on the next day.

I can’t run 83km! I’ll die! Don’t worry! The event is about endurance, not killing yourself. And it’s not just about running either. It’s about challenging yourself and putting forth the effort and sacrifice to make a big difference in someone else’s life.

I can't do a physical activity. Does that mean I can't participate? While we encourage people to pick a physical activity wherever possible, we appreciate not everyone can do this. Since the event is about endurance and stamina there are other ways you can push yourself. If you're crafty you could crochet/knit/sew for as long as possible. The writers amongst you could write as much as you can over a set period of time. So long as you're pushing yourself and can get people to pledge money for you to do it then that's great.

Is there a minimum amount I have to raise? No, but whoever raises the most money wins a prize.

What is the prize? We have a fantastic vacation package available for the individual who raises the most. The package includes a 7 day vacation at one of several available locations plus up to $1000 towards air fare. The destinations on offer will depend on the availability of the winner and the vacation package must be used before November 1st 2013.

Please note that this is for the individual who raises the most. So if you’re participating as part of a team it’s not your team’s total that will be counted but each individual member’s.

We also have buttons available to anyone who participates and these can be requested on the form when you sign up. Note: For logistical reasons anyone who signs up after November 2 may not receive their button until after the event

GISHWHES Giveaway Winners!

$25 Amazon.com Gift Card - lumosofmylife -- Please PM me for your prize! :)
Two months paid account + extra icons- allwasnew
Two months paid account - carryyourheart

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Big thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway and an even bigger thanks for performing a random act of kindness. Misha just posted this video yesterday and I thought I'd help spread the word about E4K (more info at the source) as well. <3
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