'The Walking Dead's' Most Shocking Deaths

T-Dogg,T-Dog (IronE Singleton) died a heroic death when Andrew allowed the prison to be nearly taken over by walkers. Bitten by a walker while securing the gate to prevent additional zombies from entering the grounds, T-Dog sacrificed his life to allow Carol to flee from the cellblock as it was becoming overrun by the undead.

Sophia, Carol's daughter Sophia (Madison Lintz) was lost during the second season premiere during an attack on the group on the highway. With the first half of the season focused on finding the little girl, the group discovered her whereabouts after learning that Hershel, clinging to hope that the walkers could somehow be brought back to their human form, was keeping them holed up in his barn. The last zombie out during the massive attack? Sophia, who had been there the whole time.

Dr. Edwin Jenner, Jenner (Noah Emmerich) elected for death over an infected life as the Center for Disease Control doc whispered to Rick that everyone was already infected with the mysterious virus that turns the living into the undead after they die. In the season one finale, Jenner attempts to lock the gang into the CDC for a "peaceful" death. Everyone -- except for Jenner and Jacqui -- opt to survive and flee the CDC just moments before it self-destructs in a massive ball of fire.

Randall, Originally a member of a random group of survivors that Rick ultimately guns down at a bar with Hershel and Glenn, Randall (Michael Zegen) was taken prisioner by the group, despite his high school connection to Maggie. With the group divided over what to do with him, Shane takes matters into his own hands and sets him free, later snapping his neck in the woods and telling Shane, Rick and Glenn that he was attacked. Reanimated as a zombie, Glenn is later tasked with delivering the final blow with a machete.

Shane, even though we all saw it coming, Shane far outlived his comic book counterpart on the AMC zombie drama. After the start of the apocalypse, with Lori presuming Rick to be dead, she begins a romantic relationship with his best friend and sheriff's partner, Shane (Jon Bernthal). Shane was bumped to second fiddle when Rick returned, continuing to pine for Lori. After months spent watching Rick make what he felt were the wrong decisions for the group -- and after Lori's pregnancy becomes public -- Shane lured Rick into the woods (via Randall) where the duo had a showdown for the ages. Rick ultimately stabs shane in the chest, ending his mortal life and ultimately proving Jenner's theory that everyone was infected. Reanimated, Carl pulls the trigger and ends Shane's zombie life shortly afterward.

Dale, our moral compass,Often the conscience of the group, Dale (Jeff DeMunn) defended Randall until the end. Steamed that Rick decides to kill Randall, Dale wanders off on the farm at night and stumbles upon a cow that a walker had gutted. Stunned, he comes face to face with a walker that Carl had baited out of a nearby swamp and attacked. Hearing his screams, the group comes to his aid to find him disembowled. In a final act of mercy, Daryl ultimately shoots Dale in the head, ensuring he won't be reanimated.

Tomas,Tomas (Nick Gomez) was the leader of a group of prisoners who had been confined in the prison who first encounter Rick when he's tasked with amputating Hershel's leg after a zombie bite. Clashing with Rick for control of the grounds, Rick kills him with a machete after Tomas attempts to kill Rick twice. It marked the latest in a line of Rick's drastic measures to protect the group.

Lori,Perhaps the group's greatest loss to date, Rick's wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) died during childbirth. After suffering complications during labor -- all set against a walker attack on the prison -- Lori has Maggie perform an emergency C-section and cut her baby out of her, with Lori's body unable to handle the shock. After Maggie pulls the healthy baby from Lori's body, Carl is left to deliver the final blow to prevent her transformation.

Otis, Hershel's farmhand Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) accompanies Shane on a trip into town to collect medical supplies after Carl is shot by a stray bullet Otis intended for a deer. After the duo encounter a pack of walkers that stood between their escape back to the farm, Shane shoots Otis in the leg and sacrifices him to the walkers to allow him to return to Rick with the supplies for young Carl

Amy, Andrea's younger sister, Amy (Emma Bell) was bitten not once but twice during a season one attack on the group. Unable to let go of her sister, Andrea stays next to her dead sister all night -- until she rises again as a zombie, forcing Andrea to deliver a fatal bullet to the head. Despite their rocky relationship, Amy's death sends Andrea into a suicidal phase that lasts well into the second season.