'The Walking Dead's' Most Shocking Deaths

T-Dogg,T-Dog (IronE Singleton) died a heroic death when Andrew allowed the prison to be nearly taken over by walkers. Bitten by a walker while securing the gate to prevent additional zombies from entering the grounds, T-Dog sacrificed his life to allow Carol to flee from the cellblock as it was becoming overrun by the undead.

Sophia, Carol's daughter Sophia (Madison Lintz) was lost during the second season premiere during an attack on the group on the highway. With the first half of the season focused on finding the little girl, the group discovered her whereabouts after learning that Hershel, clinging to hope that the walkers could somehow be brought back to their human form, was keeping them holed up in his barn. The last zombie out during the massive attack? Sophia, who had been there the whole time.

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