What does Cumberbatch mean?

Benedict Cumberbatch gave us a very personal case, which we think we've solved...

It's one of the most famous names in showbiz, and not just because of its owner's massive success as an actor: Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those appellations that seems to enjoy tripping off the tongue. Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict. Cumberbatch. BENEDICTCUMBERBATCH. Ahem.

It's been corrupted every which way, from his fans the "Cumberbitches" to the old joke about him starring in a TV drama about a man working on an allotment, during which the director shouts: "Cue Cumberbatch!" One famous article in the normally august Washington Post even repeatedly referred to him as Bandersnatch Cummerbund, for a laugh. Other nicknames for the actor are, sadly, unprintable. (OP: Oh, ONTD...)Read more...Collapse )