'The Breast Milk Baby' doll: Healthy, educational play or too much?

There's a sort of new doll trying to break on the scene again in the U.S. After being unsuccessful since its first attempt to enter the market last year. Apparently the company is hoping to be more successful this year, as AP released the details, including support and endorsements for the toy on November 8, 2012, just before holiday sales and shopping begin.

"The Breast Milk Baby," the world's first breastfeeding baby, is a product of Berjuan Toys, LLC. The doll comes in baby boy or girl, a variety of skin tones, names, and attire. Cameron, Jeremiah, Jessica, Lilyang, Savannah, and Tony each come with a unique accessory that has also been the major obstacle in getting these dolls on the shelves in the United States. Each doll comes with a flowered halter top that has a flower shaped mechanism built in to the breast area. When the doll is held near the mechanism the baby begins to make suckling, gurgling, and burping noises.
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