One Direction Better Not Kiss This Assholes Ass When They Go To Mexico

Mexican President Elect Peña Nieto Buy 5 Rows for One Direction Concert

Through social networks, especially Twitter it is said that President elect of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto bought 5 platinum rows for the next Mexican concert of British Boyband One Direction.

From two o'clock in the afternoon Wednesday November 7 fans of British group expressed dissatisfaction with the alleged fact. According to Directioners, 70 tickets were purchased by Pena Nieto, a cost of $ 1,800 each, for Peña Nieto's daughters, nieces and friends close to the family.

Around 5pm the Twitter hastag #ChingaTuMadreEPNdeParteDeLasDirectioners appeared as a trending topic in condemnation of what happened.

One Direction will hold a concert June 9 at El Foro Sol in Mexico City.
this is such an asshole thing to do but what can you expect when its coming from Pena Nieto.
dear Enrique CHUPA MI PITO PUTO!