‘Tarzan’ Reboot Moves Ahead With ‘Harry Potter’ Director; Tom Hardy to Star?

While Harry Potter franchise screenwriter Steve Kloves is looking to adapt Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book at Warner Bros (he'll also direct the film), one of the boy wizard's directors is going to work on a different jungle tale. Vulture has word that David Yates, who directed the final four installments of the Harry Potter franchise, will next take on a new big screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough's classic tale Tarzan, a project also set up at Warner Bros. The project has been in development for years with Ocean's 11 producer Jerry Weintraub, and Craig Brewer was most recently attached to direct but has fallen away.

In addition, the studio has some names in mind to play the man of the jungle. As one might expect, Warner Bros. would love to get their Inception and Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy on board, but it's not clear if he's interested. Other names include the new Man of Steel Henry Cavill, Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam and "True Blood" regular Alexander Skarsgård. Most of those names should make the ladies swoon if you think of them in the standard animal skin loincloth, but the only one proven to be a sensation at the box office is Hardy. Getting a lesser known name would certainly be cheaper though.

The real question is whether or not audiences still interested in the Tarzan story? Disney had their take on the classic tale in 1999, and there's a cheap-looking motion-capture animated version on the way with Kellan Lutz in the lead. With Yates at the helm, this could be the kind of classic adaptation that ends up feeling fresh and epic, much like what Peter Jackson did with King Kong (a film that I will defend to the death). Either way, it sounds like this project is next in line for Yates, so expect some more news soon. Hopefully Warner Bros. has better luck with Tarzan than Disney did with Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter.